Quality Control

Go'n bust it open, go ahead baby, get naked
Know you got a nigga but I wanna see you get naked
Deepthroat, deepthroat, baby go ahead, take it
Nigga on the strip, bought a bitch while he in Vegas
Say you gettin' money but the whole world know you fakin', uh
Move with the quickness
Flex so hard had to invest in fitness
Everybody think when you rich you can fix shit
Shit ain't broke 'less you broke, that's some real shit
I can send my whole family cars now
Rap nigga mad 'cause his father never came around
My lil' brother J A1, know he stayed down
He'll knock the tooth off a nigga if they talk down
That's right, knock your tooth if you talk loose
Bitch givin' neck, deep throat like a white goose