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Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

And away we go (we go we go we go)
Some old born loser type of shit (shit)
On the remix tip (tip, tip)
Dr. Seuss (Seuss Seuss Suess)The Born Loser, not because I choose to be
But because all the bad shit happens to me
I got kids, but their mothers don't want them to know me
Sisters use to like me, but now they call me homie
Use to have a family now I'm out on my own
Had to scrap with the Pitt, cause I tried to take his bone
Bitches don't like me, they don't kiss me or hug me
They call me Kill-pretty, because I'm mad ugly
I use to get pussy, but I busted off quick
Now I gets none, so I gotta beat my dick
Time are hard in the ghetto, I steal for a living
Eatin turkey flavored Now or Laters for thanksgiving
If that ain't enough, life is rough, I swear
I don't have an address so I can't get welfare
They kicked me out the shelter
Because they said I smelled a little like the living dead
And look like helter skelter
My clothes are so funky, they bad for my health
Sometimes at night my pants go to the bathroom by their self
Even when I was little nothin went my way
I got beat up, and chased home from school every day
And despite the fact I won all the spelling bees
On my report card, I didn't get F's, I got C's
But for those who choose to snooze
Since I was born with no hope, I ain't got nothin to lose...



Earl Simmons (born December 18, 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland), better known by his stage name DMX (Dark Man X), is an American rapper and actor signed to Ruff Ryders Entertainment. In 1998 he released his debut solo album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, and has since released 1998's Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, 1999's ...And Then There Was X, 2001's The Great Depression, 2003's Grand Champ and 2006's Year of the Dog...Again.

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