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Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Hey yo we flip de script now da game done changed
Dutty cup music drive dem insane
Worldwide, yard ain't been the same
Jigzag zigular come bring de pain.
Hey yo Sean Paul... bad mind waan see you pop down and drop down
Step we a go step pon dem... tek onnu class... who a de real boss... ayyy!1:
Still blowin' up stage shows
All over the globe
Make me tell you this god knows.
It no matta who a chat mouth
Chat 'bout seandapaul an de dutty a no real
'Cause we still don't love those...
Back bitters and dem wolf inna sheep clothes.
Still no love none a dem hoes
Still I got alotta fine ladies at my dispose.
Nothin' more need to disclose.
SP a de dapper bless with the best metaphors.
Dem caan test all we I'll flows.
Dats why all de fake ones dem gettin' exposed.
I'm laughin' at these Johncrows,...When dem encroach, me shot them wit a fresh dose.
Blow them up mek them explode outta the cosmos
'Cause we a the utmost.


Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques (born January 9, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a Grammy Award winning reggae and dancehall singer and rapper. He released his debut solo album, Stage One, in 2000 and followed this in 2002 with Dutty Rock, which won the 2004 Grammy Award for best reggae album and generated four top twenty Billboard Hot 100 hits, including #1 'Get Busy'. His new cd, Tomahawk Technique, was released in February 2012 and has generated another hit "She Doesn't Mind".

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