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Check it deeplyDutty
I man saw nuffa dem a posse, me nah want dem around
An a punk disrespect man haffi put dem down
Dutty cup up inna di place and Sean a Paul run dis town
Watch out mek me put down sum crownCah when me check it deeply, one man fu go bun dem
Nuffa dem a look an dem they see the tragedy
A cah me dis the family, dun man fo go dun dem
Till dem see dem watch it a dutty like dis is sicker maBukka bukka, dutty cup'll mess up any punk who disrespect them gonna feel dem head buss up and,
Cut up cut up gonna feel some sharp press up an them know say Sean a Paul will get the whole place mess up he say
Dem a try but dem can't dissi I said a me bad man an dem whole a dem red eye
Sum punk weh die fin up dem haffi die weh greatest try
So dem badda ask bad man why?


Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques (born January 9, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a Grammy Award winning reggae and dancehall singer and rapper. He released his debut solo album, Stage One, in 2000 and followed this in 2002 with Dutty Rock, which won the 2004 Grammy Award for best reggae album and generated four top twenty Billboard Hot 100 hits, including #1 'Get Busy'. His new cd, Tomahawk Technique, was released in February 2012 and has generated another hit "She Doesn't Mind".

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