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Monsta's gon' tear it up
Feel me
Nawfside shit nigga, you know what I mean
Y'all thought this shit was over or somethin',
You know what I mean, this shit ain't over niggaChanel and Dolce Gabbana
I bought that shit for my mama
I stood right in front of your honor, huh
When I got home, ran up commas
Ooh, Cartiers on look like Arthur, uh
Bitch I'm your daddy, your father
Who that be talkin' 'bout drama
Bitch on my mama we gonna solve 'em
I'm with Mango Foo hangin' out of the roof
Chasin' the loot, never caught in the loop
Sick with the flute, cook a brick in the booth
In the Mulsanne and my seat the masseuse
Throw the bitch off of the back, it's an oop
She wanna fuck the whole group
But I can't cuff her, no shackles on you
We fuck and that's all that we do
Bon appétit, let's eat
Ate a plate full of molly, she geeked
Hachoo, she sneezed
Bitch on her knees off the skis
When I fuck do not call me back, please
Diamonds all white like the priest
Maison Margiela on sleeves
I'm dressin' like I'm Japanese
The doors was closed, I kicked it open
I had the fire, it was cocked and loaded


Quality Control is a hip-hop collective representing the overall sound of the Atlanta-based urban music label Quality Control Music. Featuring Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset (of the label’s prominent rap trio Migos), the group put out the trap-heavy song "Too Hotty" in early 2017 ahead of the Quality Control compilation record Control the Streets, Vol. 1, released later that year. "Ice Tray," a showcase for Quavo and labelmate Lil Yachty, soon became the album's second track to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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