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I know that fear is liar
A thief breaking into my heart
He tries to steal all my fire
And shut me down before I even startI know I can take it everyday
If there's a way you will make it
I won't be afraid 'cause I Be LikeYeah
Whatever comes my way
I'm not turning back
I know your Love won't leave
So I won't worry 'cause
If I fall I win every time I get up again
'Cause I can't loose if keep on learning
I'm learning learning
I'm learning learning



The thing about getting to know Jason Gray is that you immediately want to share him with other people. In that way Jason is a lot like a good movie, or a great book, or some barely discovered band whose music makes you remember what it was you liked about music in the first place. Which brings us full circle, because Jason’s unique brand of emotional, thought-provoking, alternative-pop is that sort of music, and listening to it isn’t much different than having Jason Gray sitting in your living room and telling you what’s on his mind.

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