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1) Thunder is a five-piece hard rock band from the United Kingdom that formed in 1989, after singer Danny Bowes, guitarist Luke Morley and drummer Gary 'Harry' James left the group Terraplane. They were soon joined by bassist Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst and guitarist Ben Matthews and put out their first album, Backstreet Symphony, in 1990. They followed it with a well-received Monsters Of Rock festival performance that year. Perhaps best known for the massive arena rock hits from that album "Dirty Love" and "Love Walked In", top 40 hits in both the US and the UK, they split in 2009 but returned in 2015 with new album Wonder Days.

Their first album, released 4 April 1990 by EMI / Geffen, became an international success, eventually being RIAA certified as 'Gold'. After their second album, Laughing on Judgement Day, Luckhurst left the band citing 'personal differences'. That album, released on 24 August 1992, proved an even bigger hit in the UK, reaching the number two slot on the nation's top albums chart.

He was replaced by Swedish bass player Mikael Höglund, and the band went on to record their third album, Behind Closed Doors, in 1995. which would be their last album on the EMI label. Mikael was unavailable for recording the band's fourth album, The Thrill of it All (1996), and so bass duty was left with Morley. For the tour, the band recruited bassist Chris Childs, who stayed with the band to record their fifth album, Giving the Game Away, released in 1999.

In Autumn of that year, the band announced they were to split, annoyed at the state of the music scene, and following their final tour, they left in May 2000. After being given a slot in the 2002 Monsters of Rock show, Thunder decided to return in 2003 with a new album, Shooting at the Sun, released on their own record label. In 2005, they released their seventh album, The Magnificent Seventh.

After two well received tours in 2006, with many gigs completely selling out, and two gigs in Japan, which were eventually released on the DVD "Thunder Go Mad In Japan"

November 2006 Saw Thunder releasing their 8th Studio album Robert Johnson's Tombstone which has received acclaim from fans and critics alike, many claiming that it was their best album yet. A UK tour took place at the end of November, with the annual Christmas Show at Nottingham's Rock City in December.

Thunder released new material in 2007/08 by way of 3 EP's.
The first, "Six of One..." was released in late 2007 and included 3 brand new tracks as well as 3 live recordings. The second EP, "Half a Dozen of the Other" was released on 7th April 2008 - following the same format. The third EP "The Joy of Six" was released on 3rd November 2008

On 3rd November 2008 a new studio album - Bang! - was released. This turned out to be the band's final album.

The band appeared with Def Leppard and Whitesnake at 3 dates in July 2008.

In early 2009 Thunder announced they were to split for the second time with final tours and festival appearances through the summer.

Luke Morley went on to form The Union with Peter Shoulder of Winterville, who had been a frequent guest at the band's Xmas shows.

Thunder reunited for the High Voltage festival in Victoria Park in 2011. After two warm up shows, in Sun Valley as part of the Childline Rocks Harley Bike Ride, and supporting Skin at Nottingham's Rock City, they took to the stage on Sunday 24th July. Although no full reunion, Thunder announced Christmas shows for each year. The 2011 show was in the usual Nottingham Rock City venue, but they are intending to have Christmas shows around the country in future years. The 2012 show was in Manchester on December 21st and 22nd, at the O2 Academy, and Wolverhampton in 2013.

However in 2015 the band announced a return with a full album of new material, Wonder Days and a run of arena shows.

2) Thunder was an obscure German heavy metal band from 1981.

3) Thunder was a German tracker musician. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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