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We're best friends
We hold hands
We're in love
Your my manWell is there something that you like like about her, yes
I like the way that her body bends in half
And is there something that you love about her, no
Man If she's playing hard to get I'm out the doorCome on baby, we get along
Please don't just spoil it
Don't steer us wrong, Oh!

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Virgins are an American indie rock band formed in 2005 based in New York City, New York. They have toured with Jet and opened for Sonic Youth and Patti Smith. The Virgins were formed after a Ryan McGinley photo shoot brought together Donald Cumming and Wade Oates to work on tracks Cumming had begun. The two other members joined shortly after; Erik Ratensperger, and Nick Ackerman. The Virgins have gained popularity recently due to the CW show Gossip Girl featuring five of their songs in one episode and recent participation in SXSW.

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