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She eats nectarines with honey and spends her daddy's money so easy
She cuts cherry pie while she looks you in the eye so easy
The innocent naivety of hairless cheek
The politics of generosity make me weakYou put it on me then left me lonely
You put it on me, you put it on meThere's an assassin out to get me and they claim that she's never missed
The one with an ex-lover whom she claims to have never kissed
We turned at twenty paces for love as a duel and we stood as still as stone
I can't imagine that this is in the best interest of flesh and boneYou put it on me then left me lonely
You put it on me, you put it on meI've been living in the city for much too long
There's a neon sign in my mind flashing right and wrong
I can't afford your company, I spent my money buying time
I was lost out in hte desert while you were busy swimming in wine


Ben Harper (born October 28, 1969) is an American grammy-winning singer and songwriter. A native of California, he grew up listening to blues, folk, soul, rnb, and reggae. Harper's blend of groove-laden funky soul and folky handcrafted acoustics helped him to gain cult status during the course of the 1990s and widespread attention toward the end of the decade. Harper combines elements of classic folk singers, blues revivalists and jam bands and is embraced by critics and college kids alike. Harper's body of work sells consistently and he tours constantly, building a solid, dedicated fan base.

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