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(Shake it, shake it)
(Shake it, shake it)
Shake, baby, shake the memories away
(Shake it, shake it)
Shake this grown up barbie doll of a day
(Shake it, shake it)
She gets hugh hefner, but she forgets the year
She just shakes her yeah, yeah, yeah
(Shake it, shake it)
(Shake it, shake it)
Shake the dirt from your hands now Lisa Marie
(Shake it, shake it)
Shakin' up the family with Pamela Lee
(Shake it, shake it)
Shake this fear of gettin' nothin' done
If you can bake a cake you can make a bomb
{Somebody forgot about something, for sure
Something so obvious that they missed it, it's inevitable
Moribund music of the seventies
(Whats up?)
Let me feel it}

Chumbawamba are an English musical group formed in 1982 in the Leeds squatting community. They have, over a career spanning nearly three decades, played punk rock, pop-influenced music, world music, and folk music. Their vocal anarchist politics exhibit an irreverent attitude toward authority; the band have been forthright in their syndicalist, pacifist, communist, mutlicultural, and feminist social stances.

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