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Cry out for one soul,
The only one that could ever hear,
Only one whose ears are brave
Enough to listen to the beat of a heart.
Try to find a pair of eyes,
Eyes to match a soul.
The sweat meets my tears,

The salt blinds me.
You are there, I know it,
I can sense the throbbing pain.
I catch a glimpse of sparkling eyes,
Then I see the eyes no more.
Try to find a pair of eyes,
Eyes to match a soul.

Soulja Slim (September 9, 1977–November 26, 2003) was an American rapper who achieved modest success on Master P's No Limit record label. James Tapp, Jr. was born in the Magnolia Projects of New Orleans, Louisiana. Tapp released his debut album, The Dark Side, on Hype Enough Records in 1994 under the name Magnolia Slim, a reference to his neighborhood. In 1998, Tapp, now calling himself Soulja Slim, released Give It 2 'Em Raw on No Limit Records with his single and video "From What I Was Told." Following a prison stint for armed robbery, Slim suffered addictions to heroin and cocaine.

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