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Wake up!
That night haunts you like a vampire bite,
Blood runs right down your face...
Cry harder, till you lose your place,
Bite the bullet/Get your gun.
Do you feel safe now? Do you feel secure huh!?
What is that you say!?
With your false pretense, with your face rock hard...
Things fall right out of place...
Cape Town, where love wants us, where they'll never find us hiding in the back of your car!!
Burn some rubber, burn the skin off our backs:
Drive out of here as fast as you can!!
Pedal to the Metal!!!
Better get your facts straight...

Never gonna settle, never gonna give you, give you what you want...
So tell me, where'd you get those pretty little eyes?
These!? Yeah! These!?
Tell me where'd you get those pretty little thighs...
These!? Yeah! These!?
You make me look bad it's just so sad!
I know those hands put me to bed.
Tell me that you want me, tell me that you need me tonight!!
Didn't mean to make you cry, didn't want to see you die...
Tell me that you see me, tell me you wanna be me tonight!!
Didn't mean to make you cry, didn't mean to say goodbye...
The docks held still time's hand with each wave!!!

The Fall of Troy were a three-piece progressive band from Mukilteo, Washington, United States. Members consisted of Thomas Erak who supplied lead vocals and guitar (now of Just Like Vinyl and Chiodos), Andrew Forsman on drums, and Frank Ene of bass, backup vocals (now of Chineke). The Fall of Troy formed in 2002. Popularity grew from the large sound they produced out of only three members. Thomas took skill in playing technical guitar riffs over his vocals, which consisted of harsh shrill screams and soothing vocal melodies.

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